Get the Ion Audio USB Turntable for $49.99

Looking for an easy way to convert a dusty old record collection into a 21st-century MP3 library? This USB turntable does the job. Welcome back, "Zenyatta Mondatta"!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
The Ion Audio Profile LP is a USB turntable that converts your old vinyl records into shiny new MP3s.
The Ion Audio Profile LP is a USB turntable that converts your old vinyl records into shiny new MP3s. Woot.com

Today only, Woot.com has the Ion Audio Profile LP USB Turntable for $49.99, plus $5 for shipping.

I've had my eye on this item for quite some time, as I have a stack of LPs (those are vinyl record albums, for those of you born in the 90s) and no way to listen to them.

The Profile LP turns albums into MP3s. All you do is plug it into a USB port, put the needle on the record, then let the software go to work.

I haven't tried one myself, but based on the various reviews I've read, the gizmo works as advertised. Will it give you ultrapristine, studio-quality audio? No, but it will let you listen to your old favorites without having to buy them again in digital format.

If you've had any ears-on experience with the Profile LP, by all means share your thoughts in the comments. Because I'm still on the fence. Fifty bucks is a lot more palatable than the usual $80-100 price tag I see, but still a little high for something I'll use once and then shelve (or eBay).

Anyway, remember that this deal ends today, and, like all Woot offers, has a high sellout risk.

Bonus deal: Also today only, AlphaShark has the Groovyballs Rare Earth Magnet Toy for $10 (after applying coupon code 3DEALNEWS3), plus $4.95 for shipping. These are like the Buckyballs I wrote about a few weeks ago, and they're ridiculously fun for kids and grown-ups alike.