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Get Spotify Premium free for 60 days

What's better than a 30-day trial? A 60-day trial, of course. Here's your chance to take this mega-popular music service for twice the test-drive.


A couple quick housekeeping notes before we dive into today's deal...

First, I've heard one too many complaints from readers about 1SaleADay's slow shipping and poor customer service. I've asked the company to comment on these issues, but have yet to receive a response. Until I do, I won't be sharing any more of its deals. I'm not saying you shouldn't patronize the company, only that you should expect slow shipping and little-to-no information about your shipment.

Second, I get a quite a lot of reader mail, and I apologize that I can't respond to it all. Before you contact me, please consult the Cheapskate FAQ, as it may well answer your question.

Finally, sometimes deals blow up in my face, like the SiriusXM Internet Radio freebie from earlier this month. (I am still getting angry-grams from people whose accounts were abruptly terminated.) Sometimes companies offer promotions that aren't intended for the general public, then end up yanking those promotions when the public invariably gets wind of them. That's what happened there. Frustrating, yes, but before you start thinking about lawsuits (as several people told me they were), remember that this was simply a freebie that didn't pan out. It didn't cost you anything. It was a flubbed marketing effort, end of story. The level of indignation here is disproportionate to the situation. Let. It. Go.

Needless to say, I'm a little gun-shy about today's deal, which is a Netflix-sponsored promotion which, again, probably isn't intended for the masses. Hopefully Spotify won't decide to backpedal because too many people sign up.

Here's the deal: Get a free 60-day Spotify Premium subscription free of charge. That's double the usual trial period. The offer ends November 1.

Spotify, of course, is the uber-popular on-demand music service. There's an iTunes-like desktop client for listening on your PC or Mac, plus Android and iOS apps for listening on the go.

Ah, but mobile Spotify requires a subscription to Spotify Premium. That subscription includes not only unlimited mobile streaming, but also playlist syncing for offline listening, 320Kbps streaming, and freedom from commercials. (You get the same bennies with the desktop version, natch.)

As with the usual 30-day trial, you'll need to create a Spotify account and supply a credit card. Make sure to mark your calendar for day 59, because that's when you'll need to cancel to avoid getting billed. Of course, if you've fallen in love with the service, you can always keep it rolling for $9.99 per month.

Personally, I'm pretty content with the likes of Pandora, Slacker, and Songza on my mobile devices -- and I tend to listen to my own music library when I'm at my desk. That said, I'll definitely be enjoying my two free months of Spotify, because, well, it's two free months!

Bonus deal: How about a launch-day deal on a Windows 8 system? Best Buy has the HP Envy TouchSmart 14.1-inch laptop for $799.99 shipped -- but it drops to $599.99 when you add it to your cart. The description calls it an ultrabook, but with its 4.7-pound heft and 500GB non-SSD drive, it doesn't technically qualify. Still, it's a pretty loaded Windows 8 lappie for the price.

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