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Get 'Planet Earth' on Blu-ray for $24.99

It's not only a breathtaking, eye-opening view of heretofore unseen parts of our world, but also a wonderful, relaxing escape from the often-horrific parts we do see.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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'Planet Earth' is a must-have addition to any Blu-ray library.
'Planet Earth' is a must-have addition to any Blu-ray library. BBC Video

If you own a Blu-ray player and a set of eyeballs, you absolutely, positively must add "Planet Earth" to your library. I insist.

This four-disc BBC documentary series has a list price of $99.99, but Best Buy has "Planet Earth" on Blu-ray for $24.99, plus sales tax in most states and $2.49 for shipping. (You can save on shipping by heading to your local Best Buy brick-and-mortar, though I'm not positive the price is the same in-store.)

Another option: Amazon also has it for $24.99, with no sales tax, but you'll need to pad your cart by at least a penny to score free shipping.

I've written about "Planet Earth" before, and there's a reason I'm pimping it again: it's awesome. Dazzling. Jaw-dropping. I first watched it on the Discovery Channel a couple years ago, and almost instantly decided I had to own it.

(Sadly, I paid about $70 for it--and that was for the HD DVD format! I've since replaced it with Blu-ray.)

Narrated by Richard Attenborough (not Sigourney Weaver, who lent her voice to the version that aired on Discovery), the series' 11 episodes take you to oceans, jungles, deserts, caves, rainforests, and other remote parts of the planet, where you'll see breathtaking environments and wildlife. You don't have to be a nature buff to enjoy this; you just need a heartbeat.

As an added bonus, this version comes with 90 minutes' worth of extra footage that wasn't shown on TV.

Honestly, I can't recommend "Planet Earth" highly enough. This is $25 extremely well spent.

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