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Get Pixelmator 2.1 image-editing app (Mac) for $15

Newly updated with Mountain Lion support and other improvements, this well-respected Photoshop clone previously sold for $59.

Pixelmator 2.1 includes a bunch of new features and Mountain Lion support. It's on sale for $14.99.
Pixelmator 2.1 includes a bunch of new features and Mountain Lion support. It's on sale for $14.99. Pixelmator

Pixelmator was already one of the great deals in Mac software, offering Photoshop-style image editing at a fraction of the price.

Now it's even better: for a limited time, you can get Pixelmator 2.1 for just $14.99. It normally sells for $59.

Actually, it's been $14.99 since June, but the just-released version 2.1 adds a wealth of new features -- including Mountain Lion support -- while keeping that tantalizing price.

For those unfamiliar with it, Pixelmator offers advanced image editing via a Photoshop-like interface. Said CNET's Jason Parker in his review of an earlier version:

Sporting a smooth Mac-friendly interface, Pixelmator offers a layout much like Adobe Photoshop with separate toolbars offering standard selector and paint brush type tools, a color-picker, a layer manager, and a brush picker with large array of options, from "follow direction" to multiple jitter settings. Pixelmator also has support for Adobe Photoshop brushes.

Version 2.1 supports not only OS X Mountain Lion, but also Retina Displays and iCloud (which keeps your work in sync across all your Macs).

Among the new features in this version: a new Effects Browser that provides an animated preview of all Pixelmator's effects; several new effects, including Vintage, Minaturize, Snow, and Rain; and Alignment Guides, which make it easier to position objects.

You can get the full scoop on all the new goodies in the Pixelmator blog, which also mentions that this price is good for only a limited time. How limited? The blogger doesn't say, but I think if you're looking to score a great deal on a robust image editor, I'd grab this quick.