Get Online @ Home offers computer, year's broadband for £160

Get Online @ Home is a scheme that gets you a Windows 7 computer and a year's broadband for just £160 -- or even less.

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Do you know someone who isn't on the Internet yet? Whether it's an elderly relative, a friend who doesn't have the cash for a flash computer, or just someone who hasn't got round to it yet, a new deal from Microsoft and TalkTalk could get them online while saving a serious chunk of change.

Get Online @ Home is a scheme backed by Microsoft, TalkTalk, BT, Three and the Post Office to provide cheap computers. The new deal sees a discount on broadband as well as your computer or laptop, adding up to as little as £160 across the year -- or less if you're on eligible benefits.

Handy for anyone sick of schlepping to the library or Internet cafe to look for a job, keep in touch with friends and family or play FarmVille. For those who are undecided about this Interweb thing, having a computer and Internet connection can take the chore out of everyday headaches like paying bills or shopping. And most importantly, me and the boys and girls from the world's bestest technology news site CNET UK can come and hang out in your living room!

Maybe best not to mention that bit -- stick with the bargainous prices. The scheme offers a Windows 7 computer for £100 or laptop for £150, with a year's broadband and phone line costing £5 per month on top of that.

If you're on selected benefits the prices are even cheaper. Your money gets you a refurbished Windows 7 desktop computer with a 15-inch monitor, keyboard and mouse. The desktop rocks a P4 2GHz processor with 1GB of RAM and a 40GB hard drive, while the laptop comes in different sizes with a Celeron processor, and also 1GB of RAM and a 40GB hard drive.

The TalkTalk broadband package lets you surf up to 40GB of data each month, and throws in a phone line with free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. Watch out for line rental though.

Have you got online at home thanks to Get Online @ Home? Or do you know someone who just flat-out refuses to join the web? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.