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Get Just Cause 2 (Win) for $3.74

Rated 8.5 by GameSpot, this high-flying third-person shooter offers rip-roaring fun. Today only, you can get it for a ridiculously low price.

Don't let the box shot fool you; this deal is for the download edition of Just Cause 2.
Don't let the box shot fool you; this deal is for the download edition of Just Cause 2.
Square Enix

I love a good game deal, and they don't come any, er, gooder than this.

Today only, Gamersgate has Just Cause 2 (Windows) for $3.74. No, there's not a number missing; that's 3 dollars and 74 cents.

In other words, for about the price of a cafe mocha, you can get one of the top-rated action games of 2010 and enjoy hours, days, even weeks of PC entertainment.

And just what the heck is Just Cause 2? Here's a telling excerpt from GameSpot's review of the game:

Just Cause 2 is ridiculous in the best possible way. In the space of a few moments, you can grapple to a hovering helicopter; beat up the pilot and hijack the chopper; blow up a cluster of fuel tanks; put the chopper on a collision course with an enormous antenna; jump out at the last moment; and watch the resulting explosion as you parachute down to the saddle of a moving motorcycle below.

I. Am so. There.

Actually, I already own the game, and can confirm it's blissfully over-the-top fun. I will say that if you want maximum enjoyment, you need to pair it with a big monitor -- ideally 24 inches or larger. I found myself squinting a bit at my smaller screen. YMMV.

It's worth noting that your $3.74 buys you a download of the game, not the boxed edition. And you'll need a Steam account to install and activate it. Thankfully, there's no extra charge (and very little hassle) involved with using Steam.

Bottom line: if you like action, adventure, and blowing stuff up real good, you'll love Just Cause 2. At this price, it's simply too good to pass up.