Get Back to the Future: Episode 1 (PC/Mac) for free

Here's your chance to try this splendid graphical adventure before buying the entire series--which I'll wager you'll want to do after playing Episode 1.

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Rick Broida
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Here in the present, this Back to the Future game offers a blast from the past.
Here in the present, this Back to the Future game offers a blast from the past. GameSpot

If you're a fan of the graphical adventures of yesteryear and/or the beloved "Back to the Future" movies, today's your lucky day.

Game developer Telltale Games is offering Back to the Future: Episode 1 for PC and Mac absolutely free. All you need to do is sign up for a Telltale account (also free), then download and install the game.

As I wrote in my recent review of the iPad version, the Back to the Future game is kind of an anachronism, a wonderful throwback to the graphical adventures of the past. If you ever played the old Space Quest or Monkey Island games, you'll feel right at home here.

Indeed, this is essentially a puzzle-solving game wrapped in "Back to the Future" trappings. Christopher Lloyd returns as the voice of Doc Brown, and mostly spot-on imitators give voice to Marty, Biff, and other familiar characters. It's all great fun, a real blast of the past. Er, future. Whatever.

Episode 1 is the first of five total installments, which must be purchased collectively for $22.49. (That's the price that appeared in my shopping cart--10 percent off the usual $24.99.) Episodes 2 and 3 are done and ready for download; Episode 4 is due this month, with Episode 5 expected in May.

I'm not sure how long Telltale will be offering the Episode 1 freebie (which is essentially a chance to try the game before you buy the bundle). I pinged the company over the weekend and have yet to receive an answer. If you want to get in on the BTTF goodness, I'd say do it now!

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