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Get Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic for $13.99 shipped

The thought of refurbished earbuds may be a little off-putting, but they're refurbished by Apple, so they should be just like new.

The Apple EarPods come with an inline remote and microphone.
The Apple EarPods come with an inline remote and microphone.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5 last year, I was mostly unimpressed. Slightly bigger screen? Meh. Slightly faster processor? Meh.

But there was one "feature" that did sound pretty good, no pun intended: Apple's new EarPods. They promised a better fit, better sound, and stronger protection against sweat and water (I'm a runner, hence the appeal).

Apple sells them separately for $29, but today only, and while supplies last, DealFisher has the refurbished Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic for $13.99 shipped.

Whoa. Refurbished earbuds? That doesn't sound too appealing. But DealFisher says these are factory-refurbished, meaning it's 99.99 percent certain you're getting a like-new product. (That description fits every other refurbished Apple item I've seen.) Translation: You won't be wearing earbuds that have already been in someone else's ears.

Indeed, for those unfamiliar with the term, refurbished usually means "returned to the store" for some reason, be it a defect, buyer's remorse, or the like. Whatever the case, the manufacturer usually corrects any problems, re-tests the product, and re-certifies it for sale. One could argue that a refurb is actually in better condition than its new counterpart, simply because it's had that additional level of testing.

Also, just to be clear, this isn't an EarPods knockoff. It's Apple product number MD827LL/A, and it comes with an inline remote, a microphone, and the same carrying case you get with a new set. You also get a 90-day warranty; Apple doesn't specify the warranty for new EarPods purchased separately from an iPhone, so it could be the same, or it could be one year. (Anyone know for sure?)

Either way, I'm in. This is my first time ordering from DealFisher (a relative newcomer to the daily-deal scene), so I can't say for certain what your experience will be.

I can say that I'm looking forward to warmer weather (sometime in late May, if things go as usual here in Michigan), getting my running shoes laced up again, and rocking out while hitting the road.

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