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Get an Xbox 360 Wireless N Adapter for $79.99

It may not be the bargain of the century, but at least it's less than what Microsoft charges. You can use that $20 savings for lightning-fast video downloads.

The Xbox Wireless N Adapter is still overpriced, but at $79.99 it's slightly less outrageous. Newegg

Microsoft has some nerve charging 100 bucks for its new Wireless N Xbox adapter, what with virtually identical Wi-Fi gear selling for as low as $20.

Yeah, I'm mad, and not just because today's earlier deal sold out in 27 seconds. (And then the backup deal went 27 seconds after that.) Well, OK, that's the main reason--but come on, Microsoft! $99.99?!

If you're really itching for one of these adapters, look to Newegg. It's got the Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter for $79.99 shipped. Not a huge bargain, but the lowest price I've seen.

CNET hasn't reviewed it, but you can get some hands-on feedback from Gizmodo. Bottom line: It's way faster for video streaming, but doesn't offer much of an impact on gaming.

Of course, if you really want a cheap way out, you can turn a cheap router into an Xbox Wi-Fi adapter. Cheaper still, use your laptop's Wi-Fi connection to feed your Xbox.

Me, I'd love to have the Wireless N adapter for my 360. But it'll be a cold day on the sun before I drop $100 on one. Or, for that matter, $80. Get a clue, Microsoft.