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Get an Oculus Rift bundle for $599.98

Controllers included! Games, too. Yeah, it's still too pricey for most folks, but let's have a conversation about VR, shall we?

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In my experience, to try VR is to buy VR -- or at least want to buy it. It's that good.

But there are obstacles, oh, yes. Phone-powered VR is dirt cheap to get into, but still limited in what it can offer. There are no controllers to approximate hands, for example, and you can't physically move around in virtual spaces.

High-end VR delivers much richer experiences, but it's still crazy expensive. And you need a crazy expensive PC to power it.

All this brings us to today's deal: Best Buy has an Oculus Rift VR bundle for $599.98 shipped (plus tax), a price that includes not only the headset, but also two Touch controllers and seven games. It includes Robo Recall, a game I'm desperate to play.

I realize that price still puts it out of reach for most folks, but I wanted to ask a few questions:

  • Have you tried an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive? If so, what did you think of it?
  • Have you tried any kind of mobile-powered VR? If so, same question.
  • What price would you pay for a Rift or Vive? In other words, how low does the hardware need to get before you'd consider it?

I was interested to learn last month that Facebook pulled a bunch of Oculus Rift demo stations from Best Buy stores, apparently due to limited interest. Is that really the case? Do people not think VR is anything special? Or maybe they don't want to look as dorky as this? Having to stay tethered to a PC is not ideal, either.

So, yeah, a lot of obstacles. But I believe the pros outweigh the cons, because the VR experience is just extraordinary. I could play Space Pirate Trainer all. Day. Long. It satisfies my inner pew-pew geek like no other game.

And maybe that's the other thing: Right now, VR is mostly about gaming, and not everyone has interest in that. For folks that are into games, PlayStation VR offers some pretty great experiences and a lower cost of entry. Maybe console-powered VR is the future of this tech, at least for consumers.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: While we're on the subject of games, Bundle Stars has Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition (Windows and Linux) for just $4.99. Regular price: $19.99. This profane, hyper-violent open-world shooter is definitely for mature audiences only. But if that's your cup of tea, this is five bucks very well spent.