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Get an iPhone-iPod speaker dock for $36.97

It's a refurbished Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus with a 60-day warranty, but it's also portable, omnidirectional (it has speakers in front and back), and shielded for iPhone compatibility.

I often encounter iPhone and iPod owners who are surprised to learn that they can plug their devices into a speaker dock for headphone-free music enjoyment. If you're one of those people, well, surprise!

For today only (meaning until midnight Eastern time, January 28), deal-of-the-day site Yugster has a refurbished Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus speaker dock for $36.97, plus a reasonable $5 for shipping.

So where's the link? It's hiding, kind of. To get this deal, you need to create a Yugster account (which basically entails signing up for its newsletter). Once done, click the Sneak Preview Offer tab on the Yugster home page.

Needless to say, there are a zillion speaker docks out there, but surprisingly few have the shielding necessary for iPhone compatibility. Since Logitech shielded this one, it works with all iPhone and iPod models that have a dock connector. There's also an auxiliary input for use with virtually any other MP3 player on the planet.

You can get the full poop on the Pure-Fi Express over at Logitech's product page, but here are the highlights: front/rear speakers that promise omnidirectional sound; a wireless remote; a clock with alarm; and the option to go portable (using six AA batteries).

An FM radio would be nice, but cheapskate beggars can't be choosers. The Pure-Fi Express sells new for $99, so getting out the door for around $42 is pretty sweet. I should note, however, that the warranty is only 60 days--that's the price you pay for saving 60 percent off its retail price.

Remember, this deal is available today only. If it happens to sell out (and it might), here's my backup deal:

Backup deal: Photo service Shutterfly is offering 25 free 4x6-inch prints, no strings attached. Just use coupon code FREE25PRINTS between now and February 8. Shipping on prints will cost you about $2.50.