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Get an HP inkjet printer for $14

You'll have to pay a few few bucks for shipping and sales tax. Even so, this is just about the best printer deal I've ever seen. It won't last!

A dual-cartridge inkjet printer for $14? That's something you don't see very often--or for very long.

I'm sure most of you already own a printer. But what about a spare one in case the first one dies an untimely death? What about a printer that's just for the children? What about having a spare color inkjet for when your monochrome laser printer is too, well, monochrome?

Check out this ridiculously good deal at the Microsoft Store: An HP Deskjet D1660 color inkjet for $14. You get the price by applying coupon code CLR-MSAFL-50% when checking out. In addition, the price does not include the $4.99 for shipping and a couple bucks for sales tax.

Even so, $20 out the door for a printer? Sign me up!

As you might expect, the D1660 is about as no-frills of a printer as they come. The D1660's specs remind me of that "Simpsons" episode where the TV sales guy is talking up the Carnivale model: "It features two-pronged wall plug, premolded hand grip well, durable outer casing to prevent fall-apart..."

The D1660 has a USB 2.0 port, paper input and output handling, and lighted power button for simplified on/off operation.

Actually, it has one amenity I wouldn't expect to find in a bargain-basement printer: dual-cartridge printing. Specifically, it takes HP 60 black and tricolor cartridges--and cheap remanufactured and third-party ink cartridge replacements are available.

I'm not sure when this coupon code expires, but I'm pretty certain the printer will sell out fast. Really, really fast, so grab one while you can!