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Get an Actiontec Screenbeam Mini2 Continuum Edition for $39.99

From the Cheapskate: Normally $60, this clever little dongle plugs into an HDMI port for wireless screen mirroring from your smartphone or laptop.

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Have you ever wished you could wirelessly mirror your smartphone or laptop to a big monitor or TV? Of course you have! Because big monitor or TV always trumps small phone or laptop, especially for things like games, movies, presentations and Web stuff. And, of course, wireless always trumps wired.

(Aside: We need to find a new word for "doing something better." I can't read the preceding paragraph without throwing up in my mouth a little.)


"Dongle" is a funny word, isn't it?


For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Microsoft Store has the Actiontec Screenbeam Mini2 Continuum Edition for $39.99 shipped (plus tax where applicable). Regular price: $60.

Although this version was designed with Windows 10 phones and tablets in mind (the Continuum part means your monitor or TV effectively becomes the dock for the device; you supply a mouse and keyboard), it's more likely you'll want to use this with an Android device or laptop -- if only because it's more likely you'll own an Android device or laptop. (At last count, I think Windows 10 phone users numbered in the tens.)

To that end, the Screenbeam supports Intel's WiDi technology (integrated into many, if not most, modern laptops) and Miracast, the latter tech integrated into most Android phones and tablets (and Amazon Fire tablets as well).

So, basically, you plug the dongle into an HDMI port, connect it to a nearby USB port for power (or an AC outlet if there's no USB available), then "cast" your mobile device's display to it.

I haven't tried one of these, and CNET hasn't reviewed one. Over at Amazon, the smattering of reviews rates it very highly; same for the user reviews on Microsoft's page. The key takeaways: it's easy to use and works as advertised, with no (or very little) lag between what's happening between the small screen and the large one.

I think this would be an especially handy item for travelers, as you could pop it into a hotel room TV and stream pretty much anything from your phone or laptop. Your thoughts?




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Bonus deal No. 2: You can't have too many folding-prong wall chargers with 2.4-amp USB ports, am I right? The mildly popular (5,700-plus user reviews, 4.7-star average) iClever BoostCube can be yours for $7.99 when you apply coupon code GYD97P5N at checkout. It's a compact wall charger with folding prongs and dual 2.4-amp USB ports. And it includes an 18-month replacement warranty.