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Get an 8GB Zune with accessories for $69.99

A car kit, leather case, and rock-bottom price make this the best Zune bundle I've seen yet. And you get your choice of colors: black, blue, or pink!

Looking for a compact, feature-packed MP3 player that's as good for the car as it is for the gym?

Newegg has a refurbished 8GB Zune player for $69.99 shipped with a free leather case and Microsoft Zune Car Pack.

So let's do some math. A new Zune 8 player sells for $128. The Car Pack costs $70. Add around $30 for the leather case and you're up to around $230.

With this deal, your out-the-door price is $70. Nice!

A quick refresher course in Zune goodness: This flash-based player offers a 1.8-inch screen, an FM tuner, Wi-Fi file sharing and syncing (which is truly awesome), and compatibility with Microsoft's underrated Zune Marketplace music-subscription service.

Normally $69.99, the Zune Car Pack comes free with your purchase of a $69.99 Zune. Microsoft

The Car Pack includes a charger and an FM transmitter, which can broadcast music from your Zune through your car stereo.

The transmitter will automatically select the best available frequency, which eliminates a lot of the hassles of traditional FM-radio gizmos. It also offers two presets for easy switching between commonly used stations.

There's even a dashboard "grip pad" so you can lay your Zune on the dash and not worry about it sliding all over the place. (A windshield mount would be better, but beggars can't be choosers.)

Newegg doesn't offer any details about the leather case, nor about the Zune's warranty, which we'll assume is 90 days.

Bottom line: mighty nice deal. A refurbished iPod Nano would cost you $30 more, and you wouldn't get Wi-Fi, FM, a car kit, or a case. Might not be a bad little stuffing stocking stuffer.

By the way, if black's not your color (or it sells out), you can also get the Zune in blue or pink.