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Get a wireless laser or multifunction printer for $50

Take your pick: the Brother MFC-J270w or Samsung ML-1865W. They're solid, compact printers built for home offices. Better yet, buy one of each.

The Brother MFC-J270w is a compact, wireless multifunction printer.
The Brother MFC-J270w is a compact, wireless multifunction printer.

I own two printers. One's a laser, which I use for most of my everyday document printing. The other is a multifunction, which handles photos, copies, scanning, the rare items I need to print in color, and so on. I even send the occasional fax from it.

Like that setup? Then here's a pair of deals you'll love: Best Buy has the Brother MFC-J270w wireless multifunction printer for $49.99, while OfficeMax has the Samsung ML-1865W wireless laser printer for $49.99. You're on the hook for sales tax for both models.

As for shipping, Best Buy charges a fairly hefty $12.74, so I'd definitely pick that one up in-store if you can. OfficeMax will ship the Samsung for free if you pad your cart to more than $50, which you can do with a cheap box of paper clips or whatever.

I should also note that both these deals were listed last night, so I'm not sure when they're scheduled to expire. It could be this morning, or it could be five days from now. As of right this minute, both stores have both models in stock for the prices listed above.

The Samsung ML-1865W is a compact, wireless laser printer.
The Samsung ML-1865W is a compact, wireless laser printer. Samsung

The Brother MFC-J270w is a compact color inkjet that prints, scans, copies, and faxes. I own a very similar older sibling, and it's been a trusty workhorse. Plus, you can buy off-brand ink for it dirt-cheap.

CNET hasn't reviewed the MFC-J270w, but the 60-plus user reviews on Best Buy's site are exceedingly positive. Grab this baby while you can.

The Samsung ML-1865W can crank out 19 monochrome pages per minute. It's a compact, entry-level laser, plain and simple.

Just be prepared for toner shock: a replacement cartridge will probably cost you as much as the printer. That's not uncommon, but it definitely can be frustrating. And Samsung supplies only a 700-page "starter" cartridge. Hey, you can't expect too much for $50!

Of the two, I definitely like the Brother better. But I remain a fan of having both kinds of printers on hand for various printing needs. Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Another two-fer! Today only, Woot has the refurbished Roku HD box for $39.99, plus $5 for shipping, while Best Buy (them again?) has Sony's largely superior Wireless Network Media Player for $59.99 (plus sales tax and $7 for shipping, unless you pick it up).