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Get a TomTom 4.3-inch GPS for $92 shipped

The XL 330-S is new--not refurbished--so you not only get a full one-year warranty, but also a free download of the latest maps from TomTom.

This 4.3-inch TomTom GPS is new, not refurbished, so it comes with a free map update. CNET

There's a lot of hubbub these days over cheap iPhone GPS apps, free Android GPS apps, and other inexpensive smartphone-powered navigation.

However, much as I appreciate the convenience (and cheapness) of these solutions, I usually prefer a standalone GPS.

For one thing, GPS apps suck up a phone's battery like nobody's business. For another, they tend to interfere with other phone functions, like, oh, making phone calls.

But the real biggie for me is this: I haven't found a single GPS app that sounds like Mr. T. ("I pity the fool that don't take the next left!") That's why I'm sticking with my TomTom GPS, which supports downloadable celebrity voices like Mr. T, Burt Reynolds, John Cleese, and my second favorite, Homer Simpson.

If you want to get in on that hilarious action, has the TomTom XL 330-S 4.3-inch GPS for $91.47 shipped. That's one of the best prices I've seen on a non-refurbished, name-brand navigator.

The XL 330-S offers text-to-speech, a folding, quick-release windshield mount that I quite like, support for an optional traffic receiver, and the promise of a free map update (which you don't get when you buy a refurbished model). The preloaded TomTom Home software makes it admirably easy to update the GPS, install voices, etc.

CNET had mostly good things to say about the XL 330-S, a major complaint being its $299 price tag. Not a problem anymore.

I don't know how long Amazon will be offering the XL 330-S at this price, so if you're interested, act fast. I pity the fool that don't grab this deal!