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Get a Samsung Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi, apps for $45

The disc-based movie's days may be numbered, but Blu-ray is still the best way to enjoy pristine audio and video. Plus: two bonus deals!

The surprisingly compact Samsung BD-E5400 plays Blu-rays, DVDs, Netflix, YouTube, and more.
The surprisingly compact Samsung BD-E5400 plays Blu-rays, DVDs, Netflix, YouTube, and more.
Daily Steals

Still renting, buying, and/or owning movies on shiny silver discs? Believe it or not, I suspect most people are doing at least one of those.

And shiny silver discs require a shiny-silver-disc player, hence today's deal. Until the clock strikes midnight (ET), and while supplies last, Daily Steals has the refurbished Samsung BD-E5400 Blu-ray player for $45 shipped. It sells new for $99.99.

Update: Looks like it's sold out.

Like any good Blu-ray player, this one features built-in Wi-Fi, and can stream from a handful of services: CinemaNow (is that still a thing?), Netflix, Pandora, and Vudu. It even supports YouTube, giving it a small leg up over Roku boxes (which, inexplicably, still can't access the service).

Another nice perk: The player can stream photos, videos, and music from DLNA sources (usually a PC). So if you have a library of stuff on your desktop or laptop you want to watch on your TV, now you can.

The BD-E5400 is an unusually compact player, measuring just 10.6 inches wide. It has a rear USB port for connecting a flash drive or hard drive, again for viewing your own AV content.

So, yeah, a pretty versatile model, especially for the price. Because it's a refurb, you get only a 90-day warranty -- and Blu-ray players can be iffy (brand and newness notwithstanding). For what it's worth, there's a fairly recent firmware update available from Samsung, though I suspect you can download it directly from the player. And speaking of Samsung, some 90 customers rated the player 4.4 stars out of five on average.

Have a great weekend, cheeps, and I'll see you back here on Monday.

Bonus deal: While you're already visiting Daily Steals, check out the refurbished Kindle Touch e-reader for $59 shipped. That's the lowest price I've seen on this model, which was $10 more the last time I wrote about it. It's a Kindle, natch, but with a touch screen. Touch screen = good. (Seriously, just try using an older Kindle without one. Blech!)

Bonus deal No. 2: Today only, Giveaway of the Day is giving away a six-month Advanced SystemCare Pro 6 subscription. This Windows utility promises to repair system problems, optimize system and Internet performance, and protect against malware. I've used the free version in the past; it's actually pretty good. So why not go Pro if it won't cost you anything? Just be sure to read all the instructions regarding installation (you have to load it today), limitations (no tech support), etc.

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