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Get a refurbished Roku 3 for $69.99 shipped

If you can wait a couple weeks for delivery, you can save $30 off the regular price of the top Roku box.


I've shared a lot of Roku deals in recent months, usually for lower-end and/or discontinued models. Make no mistake, they're great, but it's always nice to go top-of-the-line when you can.

Today, for example, while supplies last, 1Sale (formerly 1SaleADay) has the refurbished Roku 3 streaming media player for $69.99 shipped. That's $30 less than you'd pay for a new one, and the lowest price I've seen for Roku's top-of-the-line box.

I'm not going to spend much time covering Roku basics, as I think most readers already know what the little gizmo can do: stream everything from Amazon Instant Video to Hulu Plus to Pandora to Netflix. If you own a "dumb" TV, a Roku box makes it "smart."

The Roku 3 offers a handful of features not found in most of the lower-end models, including 1080p video (lesser Rokus top out at 720p), Ethernet connectivity (for homes that lack sufficient Wi-Fi coverage), and a Bluetooth-powered remote that doesn't require a direct line of site (a huge convenience, IMHO).

That remote also incorporates smartphone-like accelerometers you can use to play games (like Angry Birds Space, which is included). Even better, it has a built-in headphone jack, the single greatest Roku feature ever. Among other things, this allows the hard-of-hearing (I'm looking at you, grand-dad) to watch volume-cranked shows without disturbing the rest of the house, and it allows one bed occupant to watch nighttime TV while the other bed occupant falls asleep. Roku even bundles a set of surprisingly decent noise-isolating earbuds.

Now for the caveat: This being 1Sale, it will take 1-2 weeks before the Roku ships, and shipping itself could add another entire week. Translation: be prepared to wait upwards of three weeks for delivery. That should still get the device into your hands by Christmas, but there's no guarantee -- and readers have long complained to me about this company's slow shipping and poor customer service. Personally, I've had good luck with them; no issues at this end.

Oh, also, although this refurbished Roku 3 has only a 90-day warranty, that's the same length of coverage afforded new Roku boxes -- so no harm there. If you are planning this as a gift, however, keep in mind it comes in brown-box -- not retail -- packaging.

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Bonus deal: Speaking of refurbished goodies, All4Cellular has the Jawbone Jambox portable Bluetooth speaker for $59.99 shipped, by far the lowest price I've seen. These little bricks sound much better than you'd expect given their size, and you can get them in your choice of black, blue, gray, or white. (Red is already of stock, so these are probably going fast -- unsurprising given the price.) List on these bad-boys: $149.99.

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