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Get a refurbished Kindle Touch for $69

That's the same price as a new non-touch-screen Kindle. The warranty may be shorter, but the touch features definitely offset the risk.

The Kindle Touch is definitely a steal at $69 shipped.
The Kindle Touch is definitely a steal at $69 shipped.
Daily Steals

Anyone shopping for a no-frills, brass-tacks e-reader has undoubtedly eyed Amazon's basic Kindle, which for $69 is just a crazy-good deal.

Of course, to turn pages and navigate menus, you have to press buttons. Ew!

Today it's all about touch screens, baby. Hence, this is the better deal: Today only, and while supplies last, Daily Steals has the refurbished Kindle Touch e-reader for $69 shipped. Yep: same price as a new non-touch Kindle. (Unlike with Amazon, however, shipping can take 2-3 weeks.)

The Kindle Touch was discontinued last year in favor of the Kindle Paperwhite, but it's still a great product. CNET rated it four stars and called it "Amazon's best e-reader to date" (that date being November, 2011).

This is the Wi-Fi-only model, a problem only if you're never around a Wi-Fi hot spot and/or you fail to plan ahead. Daily Steals' description states that it comes with a charger, but based on CNET's review and what's normally bundled with the Touch, I'm guessing that it's merely a charging cable. Thus you'll most likely need a USB port to top off the Kindle's battery. Thankfully, the sucker can go literally weeks before running out of juice. (Actually, up to two months, according to Amazon.)

Needless to say, the spotlight feature here is the 6-inch touch screen, which makes for much easier page-turning and menu navigation. Even more awesome: you can tap and hold any word to instantly bring up a dictionary definition. (I now find it frustrating that printed books lack this capability. Stupid paper!)

My thinking: If you're going to spend $69 on an e-reader, make it one with a touch screen. Although the warranty expires after 90 days, I've not heard of many (or, really, any) reliability issues with the Kindle Touch.

Consequently, I'm loving this deal. Your thoughts?

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Bonus deal: If you're looking for something a little more robust in the tablet department, DealFisher has the refurbished Motorola Xoom 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G tablet for $199.99 shipped. It runs Android 3.0 but can be upgraded to 4.x. The deal is available today only, and while supplies last.

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