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Get a refurbished iPod Touch 8GB for $139.99

This is the fourth-gen Touch, the one with the Retina Display, dual cameras, Bluetooth, and other goodies. While supplies last!


The iPhone and iPad get all the ink nowadays, but I think the iPod Touch is one of the single greatest gadgets ever built. It does nearly everything an iPhone can, but with a thinner form factor and without the monthly fees.

Today only, and while supplies last, Woot Sellout has the refurbished current-generation iPod Touch 8GB for $139.99, plus $5 for shipping. I'm pretty sure that's the lowest price I've seen on this model.

Update: Wow, my batting average is a disaster this week. Woot has already sold out. My apologies, cheeps.

Update No. 2: Now pinch-hitting: also has the refurbished 4th-gen iPod Touch for $139.99. And today only, you can grab the refurbished 4th-gen iPod Touch 32GB for $199.99 shipped.

Indeed, the Apple Store sells it for $169. The only major difference between the two is the warranty: Woot's is 90 days, versus one year from Apple. That's an important consideration, to be sure, but my family has owned five or six Touches over the years, and not one ever had a problem (even after repeated drops).

This particular Touch sports built-in cameras, and while they're on the low-resolution side, they're good for things like FaceTime, HD video recording, and just snapping goofy photos with friends (a popular activity with my kids).

It also has a Retina Display, Bluetooth, Nike + iPod support, and so on. Pair it with an app like Skype and a Wi-Fi network and you can make cheap/free phone calls with it.

The only real bummer here is the paltry 8GB of storage, which will no doubt fill up fast. That said, for younger kids who just want to play games or someone who's not interested in carrying around a ton of music or video, it should be enough. (Also, you can always pair it with something like the Maxell AirStash, which I'm currently reviewing, for extra storage.)

There's every chance this will sell out quickly, so if you want to score one of the best deals I've seen on a current-gen iPod Touch (and trust me, you do), don't wait.

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Bonus deal: Virgin Mobile has another sweet deal on a no-contract smartphone: the HTC One V for $159.99. (That's the price after you add it to your cart; it normally sells for $199.99.) CNET praised the phone's compact, elegant design and Android 4.0 OS, but dinged its 3G data performance. (That was on U.S. Cellular; your mileage may vary with Virgin Mobile, even though both run on Sprint's network.)

Bonus deal No. 2: Sorry about yesterday's botched cable-modem deal, which sold out almost immediately. If you're still interested, MobilePC has the refurbished Motorola SurfBoard SB6121 cable modem for $65.71, plus $6.99 for shipping. (You can immediately save 5 percent by signing up for MobilePC's newsletter, which will generate a coupon code you can apply at checkout.) It's obviously pricier than yesterday's Cisco modem, but still a great deal in the long run.

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