Get a refurbished Acer Chromebook for $129.99 shipped

Though most reviewers will advise you to steer clear, real-world users really like this Google-powered laptop. And at this price, how can you go wrong?

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Rick Broida
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Most professional reviews find a lot of faults with the Acer Chromebook C710, but users seem to love it.
Most professional reviews find a lot of faults with the Acer Chromebook C710, but users seem to love it. Acer

Remember that bonus deal yesterday, the one with the $169.99 Chromebook? Um, yeah, heh, forget about that. In fact, if you took advantage of it, you might also want to take advantage of Groupon's free-returns option.

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Acer has the refurbished Chromebook C710-2847 for $129.99 shipped. That's not only the lowest Chromebook price I've ever seen, it's the lowest laptop price I've ever seen.

If you were judging the Chromebook on specs alone, it wouldn't be very impressive: Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM, 11.6-inch screen, and 320GB hard drive.

However, a system like this doesn't need a lot of horsepower because it runs Google's Chrome OS, which has much lower system requirements than Windows. Here you'll be running mostly browser-based apps: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, YouTube, and so on. Oh, and the Chrome Web browser, natch.

The upside to all this is that the Chromebook boots in seconds and frees you from all the hassles normally associated with Windows. And all your data stays perpetually backed up because it's always synced with the cloud (though the big hard drive gives you room to store stuff locally as well). The downside: you can't run any Windows software, which itself may be a hassle.

Of course, if you're just looking for a computer to use around the house, something for checking e-mail, looking at Web sites and YouTube vids, and so on, this might be just the thing. I think that's the sweet spot for most people who go looking for Chromebook. And, come on, $129.99!

CNET hasn't reviewed this exact model, but it's worth noting that even a newer configuration with an SSD didn't rate too highly. Among the problems: cheap, plastic chassis, mediocre battery life, small touch pad, and the limitations imposed by the Chrome OS.

What do you think? Will all that stop you from scooping up this incredible deal? For what it's worth, Acer offers a 14-day return option and 90-day warranty.

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