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Get a portable Bluetooth speaker for $14.95

Cheapskate exclusive! The Francois et Mimi Trois Plus is an orb-shaped dynamo available in your choice of colors. Mais oui!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Interesting design, no? The Francois et Mimi Trois speaker is portable, rechargeable, and possibly rollable.
Interesting design, no? The Francois et Mimi Trois speaker is portable, rechargeable, and possibly rollable. Luzy's Storage Place

Music should be able to go wherever you go. It can, of course, thanks to your smartphone and tablet, but those devices have pretty anemic built-in speakers. If you want to share the love (and the Daft Punk), you need something a little more robust.

But still portable. And battery-powered. And Bluetooth-friendly. Also cool-looking.

Check, check, check, check. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Luzy's Storage Place (via Amazon) is offering the Francois et Mimi Trois Plus portable Bluetooth speaker for $14.95 when you apply coupon code VDXV45MK at checkout. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime customers, otherwise pad your cart to at least $25 to get the same.

Update: It appears the black/red model is already sold out. Apologies if you missed it!

No, I'm not making up Luzy's Storage Place. Or Francois et Mimi. Or even Trois Plus. They're all real things. At least two of them are French. In fact, Francois et Mimi is a well-known supplier of housewares, jewelry, and electronics. And Luzy's Storage Place is an established Amazon storefront with extremely high ratings.

As for the Trois Plus, it's a small, orb-shaped Bluetooth speaker that cranks out bigger, better sound than its size would suggest. It's available in your choice of three colors, though a little clarification is in order on that front.

The white-with-red-accents model and white-with-blue-accents model are the Trois Plus, which include physical playback controls and Bluetooth 4.0. The black-with-red-accents model is the original Trois, which supports Bluetooth 3.0 and has no controls. As I understand it, one of the key benefits of Bluetooth 4.0 is lower power consumption, meaning the Plus versions should offer at least slightly better battery life -- though all three Trois are rated for about four hours of play time.

Likewise, all three have microphones for speakerphone conversations and aux-in jacks for use with devices that don't have Bluetooth (like, say, iPods).

I'll be honest: I'd never heard of this product until recently. And I haven't tried one. But the nearly 50 Amazon customer reviews average out to 4.6 stars out of 5, which is pretty telling. Seems like most buyers are mighty impressed with the portability and sound quality of the Trois and Trois Plus.

I'm not sure how long this coupon code will be active, nor how many units are available at this price. I do know that 15 bucks out the door for a Bluetooth speaker is an amazing deal, and hard to pass up.

Bonus deal: Smartphone cameras can record decent video, but if you want more control over things like zoom, lighting, and recording time, you need the real deal. For a limited time, BuyDig has the Sony HDR-CX190 HD camcorder with 16GB card and carrying case for $149 shipped. It sells elsewhere for at least $175 for the camcorder alone. This is an entry-level model, to be sure, but it features a 25X optical zoom, 1080p sensor, and built-in USB cable.

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