Get a monochrome laser printer with Wi-Fi for $29.99

This Newegg exclusive is quick, compact and wireless, with a price that's just plain incredible.

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Rick Broida
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Sometimes I wonder what long-gone inventors would think of our modern society. Like if the Wright brothers could see a 747, for example, or Johannes Gutenberg could see today's deal.

For a limited time, and while supplies last (I suspect they won't last long), Newegg has the Pantum P2502W monochrome laser printer for $29.99, shipped. That's incredible, of course, but it gets better: This printer is wireless.

As all printers should be.

The P2502W is about as compact as laser printers come, with a footprint of just 7.1 x 13.3 x 8.7 inches. Its input and output trays stick out a fair bit from the front, but at least you can snug it up against a wall.

Those trays can hold 150 and 100 sheets, respectively -- not a ton, but fine for the kind of home use this printer is intended for.

Although the specs don't expressly mention AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, the printer does support Wi-Fi Direct, and the feature rundown includes "printing from mobile devices." (If you already own this printer, hit the comments and give your fellow cheeps some clarification on that.)

As with any printer you're considering, you'll want to investigate the cost of consumables. Pantum provides only a starter toner cartridge, good for about 700 pages, and Newegg sells full-size Pantum PB-210 cartridges for $39.99. I couldn't find them anywhere else, so you're pretty much stuck with that price -- but it's pretty competitive for a monochrome toner cartridge.

All told, this is an amazing deal on a "personal" laser printer. I mean, 30 bucks out the door? Gutenberg would weep -- though it's debatable whether they'd be tears of joy or tears of sorrow. Your thoughts?

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