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Get a KeySmart 2.0 Extended key organizer for $15.99

From the Cheapskate: Stop the keychain madness! This handy gizmo allows your keys to ride comfortably in a pocket, without the bulge or jingle.

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You've got "smart" everything -- phone, watch, thermostat -- so why is your keychain still so dumb?

Don't worry, I'm not proposing you add one of those "finder" fobs, which I've always found to be more trouble than they're worth. No, I'm talking about a better way to actually carry your keys.

Like this one: StackSocial has the KeySmart 2.0 Extended key holder for $15.99 shipped. Price elsewhere: at least $20. Gift value: off the charts.

(Note: You can get an extra 10 percent off -- on one KeySmart -- at checkout by applying promo code EARLY10.)

Available in black or slate, the KeySmart effectively gives your keys the Swiss Army Knife treatment. It holds up to 10 keys in a compact, easy-to-pocket configuration. Any key you need, you just rotate it out.

The gizmo also includes an external loop so you can add your car fob.

Hang on, I'm being told this isn't strictly a tech item. It does have "smart" right in the name, though! But, okay, let's tech this up by adding a key-shaped USB flash drive. There.

I haven't tried a KeySmart myself, but I do have just the kind of unwieldy, overstuffed keychain it's meant to solve. And I certainly would be jazzed to find one in my stocking/7th-night-of-Chanukah pile.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: If you haven't tried Audible yet, what, you don't like books? For my money there's no better way to pass a long car ride -- especially when my money works out to $3 per book. For a limited time, LivingSocial has a 3-month Audible subscription for $9. (New customers only, alas.) That's good for one book per month, plus discounts on other purchases. After that, you'll be back to the regular $15/month rate (unless you cancel).

Bonus deal No. 2: Whoa, is it Black Friday already? Sure looks like it: For a limited time, and while supplies last (probably not long), Newegg has the Sceptre E248W 24-inch desktop monitor for $99.99 shipped. I don't recall ever seeing a monitor of that size for under $100. It features HDMI and built-in speakers, and although the reviews are a bit mixed, this seems like an amazing deal on a big monitor.