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Get a Harmony One universal remote for $129

My all-time favorite remote usually sells for $250. To get it for half that, you'll need to wait on a rebate--or not, if you go the refurb route.

Logitech's Harmony One is widely regarded as one of the best universal remote controls on the planet.
Logitech's Harmony One is widely regarded as one of the best universal remote controls on the planet.

I own a Logitech Harmony One remote control. After a good two years of use, I can say without a doubt that it's my favorite clicker ever. CNET agrees with me, calling it "arguably the best consumer remote control currently available" in its review.

Unfortunately, Logitech still sells it for $250, which is the same price it debuted at more than two years ago. However, if you act fast, Fry's will set you up with a Harmony One for $129 (plus around $7 for shipping).

That price is for a new unit, not a refurbished one. However, you will have to deal with sending in a $50 mail-in rebate (PDF), which means you'll pay $179 to get out the door.

You don't like that option? Here's another one: TigerDirect is selling a refurbished Harmony One for $129.99 with free shipping. Ahh, the plot thickens!

Logitech backs the refurbished unit with a three-month warranty, while it covers the new model for a full year. 

In case you're not familiar with it, the Harmony's claim to fame is a simple (relatively speaking) Web-based interface for setting up your devices, programming "activities" (aka macros), and so on.

The One has a color touch screen, a perfect button layout, and a docking station that keeps its rechargeable battery topped off.

CNET's review should tell you everything you need to know about the Harmony One. For what it's worth, TigerDirect customers rate it 5 stars on average, while some 1,100 Amazon buyers rate it 4.5 stars.

By the way, Fry's mail-in rebate deal ends tomorrow--June 24--and there's a good chance that Fry's will sell out of the One before then.