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Get a GoGroove BlueGate Bluetooth receiver for $24.99 shipped

Normally $40 plus shipping, this newly updated model adds Bluetooth capabilities to nearly any speaker dock, stereo receiver, or car radio. Stocking stuffer!

The GoGroove BlueGate RCV Bluetooth receiver is a pretty sweet deal at $24.99 out the door.
The GoGroove BlueGate RCV Bluetooth receiver is a pretty sweet deal at $24.99 out the door.
Accessory Genie

A long time ago, I decried Bluetooth as a useless technology. Short-range wireless? What good could that possibly be? Turns out Bluetooth proved its awesomeness once smartphones and tablets arrived on the scene, as it allowed for audio to stream wirelessly from those devices to compatible speakers.

Ah, but what if you have a speaker dock, home stereo, or car radio that lacks built-in Bluetooth? No awesomeness for you. [Cue audience: "Awwwwww."]

Thankfully, you can add Bluetooth to nearly any audio device; all you need is a receiver. Like this one: For the next few days, and while supplies last, Accessory Genie has the GoGroove BlueGate RCV Bluetooth audio receiver for $24.99 shipped when you apply coupon code savercv at checkout. It normally sells for $39.99, plus at least $4 for shipping.

This little receiver plugs into the line-in jack of any speaker, stereo, or radio. Then you just pair it with your phone or tablet and presto: A2DP-powered wireless audio goodness. Might I suggest a little free Spotify?

The RCV is Accessory Genie's second-gen BlueGate, promising easier pairing, longer battery life (up to 15 hours), better range (up to 40 feet), and easier charging via its Micro-USB port.

The gizmo comes with both a 3.5mm coupler and extension cable and a stereo-to-RCA adapter for plugging into receivers that have only RCA-style inputs. You also get a Micro-USB charging cable and some Velcro tabs in case you want to adhere the adapter somewhere.

There are lots of similar Bluetooth receivers out there, but this one would seem to stand out with its generous extras and better-than-average battery life. At $24.99 out the door, I think this would make for an excellent gift.

Bonus deal: Speaking of inexpensive gifts with an audio theme, Digital Innovations is offering one free Nest Earbud Case when you buy two. Just add three to your cart (any color combination you want), then apply coupon code cnetnest to get the price knocked down and score free shipping. The Nest might seem like overkill for something as simple as wrapping your earbud cord, but I use these things all the time and they're fantastic. Awesome stocking-stuffer.

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