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Get a Garmin Vivofit fitness band for $29.95

From the Cheapskate: This largely underrated fitness band runs for a full year, no charging required. It originally sold for $130.

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Rick Broida
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Watch this: Garmin Vivofit a fitness tracker with super-long battery life

Today's deal is a rerun of sorts, one with a better price than last time.

Remember all that Amazon Prime Day nonsense back in July? One of the featured deals was a Garmin VivoFit fitness band for $39.99. Well, guess what? For a limited time, and while supplies last, Garmin's factory outlet store has the refurbished Vivofit fitness band for $29.95 shipped.

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Sarah Tew

Originally priced at $130, the Vivofit never really caught on the way Fitbits and other bands did -- despite offering some solid advantages.

For starters, it runs for an entire year on its replaceable battery. And because it's shower-friendly, you can wear it pretty much 24/7. It also sports a nice-looking display that shows the time, your movement stats and a "move bar" that grows the longer you remain inactive.

Alas, it doesn't vibrate, nor does it deliver notifications from your phone -- but it does what a fitness band is supposed to do, and for a measly $30.

And although this is a refurb, it's backed by a full one-year manufacturer's warranty. Plus, you have 30 days to decide whether you like it.

Read CNET's Vivofit review to find out if it's a good, well, fit. Alternately, if you already own one of these, hit the comments to share your thoughts about it -- and whether you think it's a good deal at this price. Me, I like wrist-companions that sling notifications, but that's not a priority for everyone. And I'm definitely in favor of anything that encourages physical activity.

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This surprisingly capable little speaker can be yours for $9.


Bonus deal: Return of the $9 Bluetooth speaker! For a limited time, Unitek is offering its Y-B101GD portable Bluetooth speaker for $8.99 when you apply discount code AG5ZJJH2 at checkout. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

This gold, aluminum-cased speaker reminds me of Amazon's Echo Dot, but includes a rechargeable battery and auto-scanning FM radio. It even has a microSD slot for playing tunes off a memory card and a microphone for hands-free phone conversations. Nine bucks, people!

Bonus deal No. 2: Game time! A few days back I steered you to the PC classic Dungeon Keeper, which is still available free from Origin. Today, head to Ubisoft for another totally free PC classic: Beyond Good & Evil. This console-style action-adventure received high marks from GameSpot and most other reviewers. It would cost you $10 if purchased from Steam.