Get a Dell all-in-one wireless printer for $39

It prints, scans, and copies, and does it all without another pesky USB cable. At this price, these won't last long.

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Rick Broida
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Dell's V313w all-in-one printer is an outright steal at $39. Dell

Big fat disclaimer: This will absolutely sell out, so I apologize in advance if you miss your chance.

Dell has just about the best deal I've ever seen on a multifunction printer with Wi-Fi. But before I give you the details and link, I have two quick instructions: You have to scroll down the Dell's page a bit to find the right model, and you have to click Add to Cart to get the deal price. If you click the printer itself, you'll end up on the product page, where the price is higher.

On to the deal: For what is undoubtedly a very limited time, you can get the Dell V313w all-in-one wireless printer for $39 and free shipping--plus sales tax in some states.

It's your basic no-frills multifunction printer, with a flatbed scanner and two-cartridge print head (one black, one tri-color).

It can print borderless photos up to 8.5x11 inches, make color copies, and convert scanned documents to text  using an OCR software that's included with it

Of course, it's wireless, meaning you can locate  it anywhere there's a decent signal from your Wi-Fi router. You can get all the other specs on Dell's product page, but remember, use the previous link to add it to your cart.

This is a pretty new model, and the only reviews I've found are from Dell customers--more than 100 of whom overwhelmingly recommended the printer. Seriously, a 4.5-star average from 118 reviewers says to me the V313w won't disappoint you.

If you haven't yet experienced the joys of a Wi-Fi printer, do yourself a favor. Heck, this is cheaper than some Wi-Fi printers that just, you know, print!

Bonus deal: I'm not intentionally double-dipping Dell today, but they have a Panasonic TCP42C2 42-inch plasma HDTV for $469 shipped. It tops out at 720p, but many would argue that's OK for a 42-inch TV. Others would argue that plasma beats LCD hands-down in picture quality. Either way, it's an awful lot of screen estate for the money.