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Get a Brother EHL-2270DW Wi-Fi laser printer for $59.99

It's a refurb, but it's also one of the best lasers you can get at this price point. It even does double-sided printing.


Try as I might, I can't escape paper. Sometimes you just need to print a form or schedule or contract. Of course, such documents rarely require color, which is why I strongly favor laser printers over inkjets.

Like this one: For a limited time, Amazon has the refurbished Brother EHL-2270DW wireless laser printer for $59.99 shipped. Price for a new one (again, at Amazon): $105.99.

Update: As of 9:45 a.m. (PT), I'm still showing the $59.99 price -- but many users are reporting a much higher one. I'm not sure why there's a discrepancy, but see below -- and then check the comments for more info from readers.

Big, big caveat right up front: This price is subject to change. Amazon's sales often end at odd, seemingly arbitrary times. Alternately, if Amazon proper sells out of this printer, the listing page may switch over to a third-party vendor for the same product, but with a different (read: higher) price.

So, upshot: please don't get mad at me, CNET, or Amazon if you see a different price by the time you get there. As of this writing, I assure you, the printer is $59.99 out the door.

That being said, let me quickly steer you to the Amazon page for a new Brother EHL-2270DW, where you'll see a 4.3-star average from a whopping 3,000-plus buyers. Even at that higher price, this is a seriously popular printer.

And I can see why. Despite being seriously compact (14.2 x 14.5 x 7.2 inches), the 2270DW offers USB, Ethernet, and wireless connectivity. Even more amazing, it supports duplex (i.e., double-sided) printing, which can help lower your paper costs.

I own a similar, albeit much older, Brother laser, one that has about the same footprint. I've had it for probably six years, and it just keeps chugging along. It's perhaps the single most reliable printer I've ever owned. YMMV, of course, but that's been my experience.

If you want to know the finer details (specs, performance, etc.), check CNET's review .

Oh, and if you're concerned about the warranty, check this blurb on Amazon's listing page: "We believe so strongly in the quality of our refurbished products that we cover them under the same limited warranty as new Brother products." (That's one year, in case you're wondering.)

Bottom line: Need a printer for your home or small office? Buy this one. Now.

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