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Get a 6-pack of 60-watt LED light bulbs for $20.39

From the Cheapskate: That works out to just $3.40 per bulb, meaning LED lighting is now officially affordable.

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Yay, science!

Incandescent light bulbs were all well and good (thanks, Thomas Edison!), but they collectively consumed a considerable amount of electricity and didn't last very long.


Energy-efficient and affordable. Finally!


Then came energy-saving CFL bulbs, with the promise of less-expensive, longer-lasting lighting. Unfortunately, it was also god-awful lighting, complete with hazardous innards that required special disposal.

LEDs to the rescue! Prettier bulbs, softer lighting, incredible longevity and a fraction of the power consumption. It took a few years for prices to come down and brightness to come up, but as today's deal proves, LEDs are ready for global domination. Yay, science!

For a limited time, Amazon has the TCP LA1027KND6 LED A19 60-watt equivalent soft-white (2700K) light bulb six-pack for $20.39, shipped free to Amazon Prime subscribers. That works out to just $3.40 per bulb -- still higher than what we used to pay for incandescents, but only a little. And because these have an estimated lifespan of 18 years (!) and an operating cost of around $1 per year, you'll save big over the long haul.

One important thing I should note immediately: These aren't dimmable. TCP does offer dimmable bulbs, but they run quite a bit higher at $13.45 for a two-pack.

Because lighting quality can be highly subjective, a purchase like this really requires some perusal of user reviews. Thankfully, over 1,700 buyers weighed in, collectively rating the TCPs 4.5 stars out of 5. That's a pretty solid endorsement.

It wasn't long ago that a single 60-watt LED bulb would run you $50-60, sometimes even more. I'm excited to see the technology progress -- and prices drop -- so rapidly. To my thinking, LED light bulbs are all upside. Your thoughts?

Magnets FTW!


Bonus deal: Road trip! If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, there are two essential smartphone accessories: a car mount and a car charger. For a limited time, you can get the Inateck three-port USB car charger for $7.99 shipped (if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber) when you apply the coupon code BVMJVWOW at checkout. This top-rated cigarette-lighter plug includes one Quick Charge 2.0 port and two 2.4A ports.

While you're at it, grab the Aukey magnetic air-vent phone mount for $4.99 with coupon code VMIUCW5Z. (Then make sure to close that vent so heat's not blasting your already-warm phone.) The magnetic plate can slip inside your phone case for hassle-free use.