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Get a 5,000mAh mobile charger for $16.99, shipped

This portable power supply has the one feature all chargers should have.

Built-in cables? Yes, please!
Built-in cables? Yes, please!
Accessory Genie

It's not all about the mAh, people.

Sure, the more milliampere-hours packed into a mobile charger, the better. A 5,000mAh battery is better than a 2,000mAh battery because it supplies more power between charges. But I daresay there's a feature that's even more important.

I am, of course, talking about built-in cables. The vast majority of mobile chargers rely on separate cables (and/or tips -- horrors) that are not only inconvenient but also easily lost. That's why, by the laws of state and human decency, all mobile chargers should have built-in cables.

Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Accessory Genie has the ReVive ReStore Q5000 portable device charger for $16.99, shipped, when you apply coupon code SAVEPOWER at checkout. Regular price: $29.99.

At first blush, this looks like your average travel battery, albeit a pretty compact one at 4x3x1 inches and 5.7 ounces. If the name didn't give it away, there's a 5,000mAh battery onboard -- enough to charge most mobile phones twice.

Better still, the Q5000 incorporates two cables that tuck away until needed: one USB (for charging the charger itself) and one microUSB (for pretty much every non-Apple device on the planet). It also has a light-up gauge that reveals how much power remains and a built-in LED flashlight for making connections in the dark. Update: It also also has a standard USB port for charging just about anything, though that's obviously a BYO-cable deal.

I've found only one user review of the Q5000, but it's definitely a positive one. And what's not to like? For 17 bucks out the door, you get a compact but long-lasting mobile power bank without the hassles of runaway cables. Too good to pass up, IMHO.

Bonus deal: Game time! This bears repeating: If there's a game you want but you can be patient, well, be patient. Because for a limited time, Newegg has Borderlands Game of the Year Edition and Borderlands 2 for $11.99. Both are for PC, both require Steam for activation and installation. These outstanding first-person shooters (which are personal favorites) would cost you $50 if purchased separately via that very Steam.

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