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Get a 50-pack of double-layer DVDs for $26.99

Want to back up your movie library? With yesterday's free DVD copier and this dirt-cheap spindle, you can get the job done for about 50 cents apiece.

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Rick Broida
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Burn 50 movies for just over 50 cents per disc.
Burn 50 movies for just over 50 cents per disc. Amazon

If you were among the many folks who grabbed the (now-expired) free DVD-copy software yesterday, you may find yourself in need of some blank DVDs.

(By the way, I know some of you had trouble finding or using the registration code. I'm not sure what to tell you, other than it worked fine at this end. If you weren't able to successfully register the software, your best bet is to contact Giveaway of the Day. Be polite; remember, no one intentionally tried to put one over on you.)

Amazon has a Memorex 50-pack spindle of 8.5GB double-layer DVDs for $26.99 shipped. That works out to a hair over 50 cents per disc, which is a mighty solid deal.

FYI, a typical store-bought movie (like, say, "Despicable Me," which was robbed of a Best Picture nod) is pressed on double-layer media. Thus, if you're planning to make a 1:1 copy (meaning without any quality-sacrificing compression), you need a double-layer blank disc.

Single-layer media costs less (Meritline has a 100-disc spindle for $24.99 shipped!), but I'd steer clear if you're planning to copy mostly full-length (i.e. longer than an hour) movies.

The Memorex discs have an 8.5GB capacity and 8x recording speed. However, based on my own experience, I recommend setting your burner to a slower speed (like 4x), just to improve your odds of successful burns. Even the best blank media can turn into coasters if you try to rush it.

Bonus deal: In the market for network-attached storage? Newegg has the 1TB LaCie Network Space 2 NAS drive for $80.99 shipped. That's after applying coupon code EMCKJHB22. You must be a Newegg newsletter subscriber to use the code.