Get a 42-inch HDTV for $499.99

Just in time for the Super Bowl, the bargain-basement Corion Digital Lifestyles FA2B42323 42-inch liquid crystal display received high marks from customers.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
A 42-inch LCD for $500? That's a rare find indeed. Newegg

It's NFL playoff season, so I've been keeping an eye peeled for good deals on big TVs. Alas, the discounts just aren't there. However, there's one bright spot: Newegg has the Corion Digital Lifestyles FA2B42323 42-inch LCD for $499.99.

It's a new set, not a refurb, and shipping will run you about $50. Even with that painful charge, it's still a couple hundred dollars less than you'll pay for, say, Wal-Mart's lowest-price 42-incher.

Ah, but is it any good? CNET hasn't reviewed the cleverly named FA2B42323, but nearly 75 percent of Newegg customers rated it 4 or 5 stars. That's a damn good score for an off-brand TV.

Keep in mind, however, that it's a fairly low-end TV. It tops out at 720p (which I think is fine for a 42-inch screen) and comes with only two HDMI inputs. Plus, various user reviews indicate mediocre speakers.

Still, this looks to be the best HDTV deal going right now. I'd prefer to watch the Super Bowl on something a bit larger, but cheapskates can't be choosers.

Now, if you don't mind a refurbished LCD that's even lighter on the inputs, the 46-inch Westinghouse LTV-46w1 I profiled a year ago (!) can be yours for $649.99 (plus shipping).

This is the same model that's been sitting in my living room for a couple years, and I have few complaints.

Thanks to reader sluggotor for sharing this deal!