Get a 3.5-inch TomTom GPS for $29.99

The only problem with this deal is that it will probably sell out. Act fast if you want one of the best prices ever on a reliable navigation system.

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Rick Broida
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A TomTom GPS for just 30 bucks? That's hard to pass up!
A TomTom GPS for just 30 bucks? That's hard to pass up! Woot

Let's do some math, shall we? You could pay a couple thousand dollars for an in-dash navigation system in your next car--or you could buy a portable GPS for $30. Decisions, decisions.

Today only, and while supplies last (which may not be long), Woot has the refurbished TomTom Ease 3.5-inch GPS for $29.99, plus $5 for shipping. That's one of the lowest prices I've ever seen on a top-brand GPS.

Update: Aaaaaand...sold out. If you're still interested, Technomotive has the Ease for $44.09 shipped. That's only about nine bucks higher than Woot's out-the-door price, and still an attractive deal.

Granted, a very basic GPS, one with a much smaller screen than you'd get with an in-dash system. But for drivers who don't need a lot of fancy features, the Ease delivers--and, more importantly, delivers you to where you need to go.

Actually, for a low-end model, the Ease does have some decent features: text-to-speech, a "Where am I?" function, and TomTom's IQ Routes (which calculates the fastest route based on the time of day). Be sure to read CNET's review if you want to learn more.

Another nice perk: you get one complimentary map update. Just make sure you download it within 30 days of firing up the GPS.

I'm not wild about the 3.5-inch screen, as my aging eyes tend to prefer at least a 4.3-inch display. Plus, it's too easy to fat-finger the onscreen keyboard when entering addresses and the like.

On the other hand, did I mention this thing is 30 bucks? The only real downside is the 90-day warranty--but, again, 30 bucks. That's some mighty cheap navigation goodness, peeps.

Bonus deal: A very good deal returns to Newegg: the Kingston DataTraveler 8GB flash drive for $7.99 shipped, when you apply coupon code EMCKAKB42 at checkout. As with most of Newegg's offers, you need to be a newsletter subscriber.