Get a 2GB iPod Shuffle clone for $11.94 shipped

If you don't mind a few unknowns, this Shuffle knockoff gives you an attractive, clippable MP3 player for a fraction of the price.

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Rick Broida
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It sure does look like an iPod Shuffle. But it's priced way, way less.
It sure does look like an iPod Shuffle. But it's priced way, way less. MidnightBox

I've always had a soft spot for the iPod Shuffle. Tiny, simple, elegant, and able to clip just about anywhere on your person, it's arguably the best MP3 player ever for the gym, the treadmill, or the open road.

It's also $49. If you don't mind a knockoff, MidnightBox has an iPod Shuffle-like clip-on MP3 player (2GB) for $7.95, plus $3.99 for shipping. That deal is good today only, and while supplies last.

Details about this no-brand, no-name player are slim, to say the least. It's available in your choice of eight colors, which is nice, and it comes with earbuds and a USB cable for syncing/charging.

Beyond that, well, it looks just like an iPod Shuffle (albeit an earlier-generation version). Which means it's tiny, simple, elegant, and able to clip just about anywhere on your person. Great for the gym, jogging, and yada-yada.

Of course, it doesn't have some of the Shuffle's more advanced features, like VoiceOver, and I'm not sure if or how it handles playlists. It's also not readily apparent what audio formats it supports, assuming it supports any other than MP3.

Still, for 12 bucks out the door, this is probably worth the gamble, especially if you're looking for a simple, lightweight MP3 player with a built-in clip. Nice little impulse buy, I'd say. Your thoughts?

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