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Get a 24-inch LCD monitor for $199.99 shipped

Forget 22-inchers. This feature-packed LCD gives you even more screen estate.

This 24-inch LCD can rotate 90 degrees for portrait computing.

Now that 22-inch monitors have shattered the $200 barrier, are 24-inchers next in line? Here's a kick-ass indicator that they are: Buy.com has a refurbished "famous maker" 24-inch wide-screen LCD for $199.99 shipped. Just one hitch: You must use PayPal to get that price, otherwise it's $249.99.

These are going to sell out fast, so I'm going to make this quick. The good: 1,920x1,200 resolution, VGA and HDCP-compliant HDMI inputs, four USB ports, and the ability to pivot 90 degrees for portrait mode!

The bad: a 90-day warranty, and that whole "famous maker" thing. Buy.com says the monitor is comparable to the HP w2408h, which means it probably came from the same factory but never got slapped with an HP label. So what if you need service after the warranty expires? Hmmm.

Is this a risk worth taking? I say definitely. If the monitor has a dead pixel or something, you'll spot it within the 90 days. And check out that feature set! You heard it here first: 24 (inch) is the new 22 (inch).