Get a $190 Symantec software bundle for free (after rebates)

The bundle includes Norton Internet Security 2011, Norton Utilities 15, and Norton Ghost 15. The only catch: two rebates, one requiring a "competitive upgrade."

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Rick Broida
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If you don't mind waiting on a couple rebates, you can get three Symantec utilities absolutely free.
If you don't mind waiting on a couple rebates, you can get three Symantec utilities absolutely free. Symantec

I'm hoping this doesn't sell out as quickly as I think it will.

As I've said before, I have mixed feelings about security and utility software. Sometimes I think they do more harm than good. Plus, there are plenty of freebies that do the job just as well. (I'm thinking specifically of Microsoft Security Essentials 2.)

On the other hand, I always love getting something for nothing, especially when it's a software bundle worth $190. And there's value in choosing pro-grade software backed by live technical support.

Fry's is offering Norton Internet Security 2011 (three-user license), Norton Utilities 15 (three-user license), and Norton Ghost 15 absolutely free--if you're willing to jump through a couple hoops, that is.

Here's the deal: If you purchase these products separately at their list prices, they would run you $189.97. Fry's sells them as a bundle for $65. But you can get the bundle for a grand total of $0 (shipped!) by redeeming a pair of mail-in rebates.

Rebate No. 1 (PDF) nets you a $40 prepaid Visa card. Rebate No. 2 (PDF) is good for a $25 prepaid Visa card--but this is where the hoop-jumping comes in.

To get rebate No. 2, you need to supply proof that you're upgrading from an earlier version of "any Norton or Symantec software or another company's antivirus, firewall, antispam, antispyware, utility, or backup software product."

What constitutes proof? Pretty much anything: a receipt, the first page of the manual, an e-mail confirmation, or even a screenshot of the software's Help/About screen. It shouldn't be too hard to scrounge up one of those.

Both of these rebate offers are available until May 19, but there's a chance Fry's will sell out before then. I've seen that happen before, so if you're interested in this, act fast.

By the way, CNET gave Norton Internet Security 2011 five stars. It's not the slow, clunky, troublesome utility you remember.

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