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Get a 16GB iPod Touch for $269.99 shipped

If you don't mind a refurbished unit with a short warranty, you can save big on the "iPhone without the phone."


If you've been waiting to pull the trigger on the "iPhone without the phone," now might be the time. You can get a refurbished 16GB iPod Touch for $269.99 shipped from Buy.com. That's 30 bucks lower than I've seen it anywhere else.

I imagine most of you are familiar with the Touch by now, so I won't waste your time with specs and info--all of which you can find in CNET's review. I will say it's my single favorite gadget of all time, and that if I'm wearing pants, you can bet I'm carrying it with me.

A few caveats. First, Buy.com offers only a 60-day warranty. If you buy a refurb Touch from Apple (currently $299), you get a one-year warranty. Second, plan on spending another $10 for the recent 2.0 software update (which isn't included with Apple's refurbs, either). Finally, rumor has it Apple plans to unveil some new iPods in a couple weeks, and a newer/better Touch could be among them. But none of that changes the fact that this is the best price you can get on a 16GB iPod Touch. I reckon they'll sell out fast, so don't mull for long.