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Get a 14-inch HP Chromebook and free 4G for $209.99

These won't last long, in part because they come with 200MB of monthly 4G data -- for life -- and in part because they're awesome.


This is an update of a deal from a couple of months ago -- and one of my favorite deals at that.

Netbooks? Never liked 'em. They were cramped, clunky, underpowered, and overpriced. But Chromebooks? Different story. In fact, I have newfound respect for them as PCs for students, since my middle-schooler is finding it ideal for the sixth grade -- and so am I.

Today only, and while supplies last (I fear these will sell out rapidly), Woot once again has the refurbished HP Chromebook 14 for $209.99, plus $5 for shipping. That's actually $10 higher than last time, but I daresay it's worth it.

The Chromebook 14 comes in your choice of peach or turquoise -- lovely colors, both -- with 4GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD, a 14-inch LED-backlit screen, and, of course, the nimble Chrome OS.

Granted, you can't run Windows software, but you also get to enjoy freedom from viruses, Blue Screens of Death, performance that degrades over time, and other Windows annoyances. And check out some of the cool, new Chrome OS features Google announced a few months ago.

But I saved the best for last: The Chromebook 14 has built-in HSPA+ 4G and includes 200MB of monthly data courtesy of T-Mobile -- at no extra charge. For life.

That's, like, amazeballs. Show me another $200-ish laptop (or even tablet) with that kind of largesse. You can't, right? A lot of bargain-basement Chromebooks have small screens and cramped keyboards, but the HP is seriously spacious on both counts. It's no lightweight at just over four pounds, but that larger size also allows for more expansion: two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 and an HDMI output.

If you grabbed one of these last time around, hit the comments and share your thoughts on it! I'm thinking seriously about one for Mrs. Cheapskate.

Bonus deal: Contest time! CNET's Price the Device Challenge offers you the chance to win a prize every weekday from now through October 3. Just guess (or, ahem, research) the price of the day's prize, then complete a short form and submit your entry. Wash, rinse, repeat every day after that. Today's prize: No less than a TCL Roku TV!