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Get 3 HDMI cables for $7.50 shipped

It sounds too good to be true, but the reality is that the HDMI cables you buy at retail are insanely overpriced. These six-foot cables are just as good as the retail store versions are.

In a store, you'll pay at least $20 for one of these. Online, get three for $7.50. Meritline

Longtime readers of the Cheapskate know this important truth: cheap HDMI cables are just as good as expensive ones. If you're new to the blog, now you know it, too.

How cheap are we talking? Meritline is offering three six-foot HDMI cables for $7.50 with free shipping. That's $2.50 per cable. Even if you don't need three cables right now, it's always good to have a spare or two.

Indeed, every so often a friend or family member will tell me they just bought a Blu-ray player, a PlayStation 3, or something else, always they always say "And man, that stupid HDMI cable cost me $30!" I tell them to take it back, then hand over one of my cheapies and say, "on the house." Their look of amazement, gratitude, and undying devotion is well worth the couple bucks. ("No, no, I can't let you name your firstborn after me. OK, if you insist.")

For anyone interested in the cable specs, these are shielded, gold-plated, HDMI version 1.3 cables. I use similar cheapies throughout my house, and they work perfectly.

I know it seems wrong somehow to pair a $2.50 cable with video equipment costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, but trust the considerable research that's been done: cheap HDMI cables work just as well as expensive ones.

By the way, I don't know long Meritline's sale price will last. But even if it jumps back to the regular price of $10.99, well, that's still a rockin' deal on a three-pack of HDMI cables.