GE Artistry Series promises affordable balance in the kitchen

Consisting of a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave, and a range, the GE Artistry Series kitchen suite heads into the future while keeping an eye on the past.

Brian Krepshaw
Brian is the author of two culinary based books published via his imprint Storkburger Press. A lifelong Californian, he has been consistently exposed to some of the best food in the world. With a deep appreciation for the kitchen, he is always on the lookout for that perfect appliance that combines style and grace with the ever-popular ability to save time.
Brian Krepshaw
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The GE Artistry Series kitchen suite makes it easy to create a stylish cohesiveness in the kitchen.
The GE Artistry Series kitchen suite makes it easy to create a stylish cohesiveness in the kitchen. GE Appliances

There exists a balance in the kitchen. Actually, there exist many balances in the kitchen. Not only are food and cooking so often about finding the right balance of spices and ingredients, but there is also a necessary balance going on behind the scenes. Kitchen appliances come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn't mean the kitchen has to spend any amount of time out of balance.

The GE Artistry Series is a new kitchen appliance line designed to combine style and affordability. The kitchen suite consists of a bottom-freezer refrigerator ($1,099), a top-control dishwasher ($499), an over-the-range microwave ($219), and a gas range or electric range ($599). All together the MSRP of the GE Artistry Series is expected to be $2,416 when it becomes available in September.

The ability to outfit an entire kitchen for under $2,500 is an attractive consideration for any generation, but GE created the Artistry Series with millennials in mind. The company, with roots back to the 19th century, selected 27-year-old GE industrial designer Tomas DeLuna to lead the development of the Artistry Series. Accordingly, he is quoted as saying:

"Making the critical consumer touchpoints metallic, and set against either a pure, white gloss or black gloss finish creates a look that is both familiar to our consumers, yet remains fresh and modern. That's what makes the GE Artistry Series special; the design is authentic and contemporary with a nod to the past not currently offered in the marketplace."

Affordable design is an easy reality with the new GE Artistry Series. Matching kitchen appliances promise an appeal across the ages, just as does finding the right balance in a recipe.