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Gartner: IT spending still cautious

Despite signs of recovery in the U.S. economy, executives in the private and public sectors continued to show caution in their information technology purchases in November, according to a new study from market research firm Gartner. Gartner on Tuesday said a poll of IT decision makers in small, midsize and large public and private organizations indicated that U.S. enterprises continued to spend below their budgeted levels. The Gartner Technology Demand Index for November showed a score of 81. An index value of 100 means businesses spent exactly what they had budgeted for the month. In October, the index totaled 85.

"Thus far, fourth-quarter spending does not show the strength needed to suggest a broad-based recovery across all categories of IT spending in early 2004," David Hankin, general manager at Gartner, said in a statement. The Gartner Technology Demand Index is an offering within Gartner IT Watch, which uses results from weekly polling of 25,000 IT decision makers.