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Garlic slices with a twist of the wrist

Slicing garlic can be a hassle, but the Garlic Slicer lets you slice garlic thin without endangering your finger tips.

The Garlic Slicer Chef's Catalog

When a recipe calls for sliced garlic, I almost always substitute crushed. The idea of me slicing up a tiny clove of garlic without taking off a fingertip seems unlikely. The Garlic Slicer offers a much safer alternative. You can place a clove of peeled garlic inside and simply twist to get thin slices of garlic. The Garlic Slicer delivers three slices at a time, using three evenly spaced stainless steel blades in a disc to slice through cloves. You can fit up to two cloves into the slicer at once, which means shallots can also fit.

In addition to its blades, the rest of the Garlic Slicer is also stainless steel, keeping the smell of garlic off your hands no matter how much garlic you're planning on cooking. You can leave garlic in the slicer between uses if you don't need to slice a whole clove; just stick it in the fridge until you do need it. The Garlic Slicer can go through the dishwasher. It's fairly small, measuring 6 inches tall and 2.25 inches in diameter, making storing the slicer simple. The Garlic Slicer costs $34.95.