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Future is a click closer with remote-controlled kitchen

Two new designs from TM Italia Cucine incorporate recessed appliances that reveal themselves with a touch of a button.

The Petra Kitchen's surfaces do double duty, for instance the cooktop can be turned into a work surface.
TM Italia Cucine

Recently at the Abitare il Tempo trade fair in Verona, TM Italia Cucine introduced their version of the kitchen of the future. Presented in two styles, Petra and Mondrian, both feature recessed appliances that are revealed at the touch of a button.

While the style is certainly exciting on both variations, I like to think of this as just another step in the direction of the future. Customizable, space-saving kitchen designs are nothing new. After all, they just make sense. Nobody would complain about being able to easily use their stovetop as a worktable. If it's not being used to cook food, it could very well be used for something else. It's an important consideration when thinking of future kitchens. However, it's not all there is to consider.

The Mondrian Kitchen: you might have to ask, TM Italia Cucine

Rarely do I see concept kitchens that utilize video displays like the Petra kitchen does. I'm sure soon the absence of an Internet-connected touch screen in the kitchen will be the rarity. Many a cook would love to follow along step-by-step with a video recipe. Need some time? Just touch the screen to pause. Don't need help following a recipe? Watch the game instead.

As manufacturers continue to design their ways toward a common future, certain features will naturally become commonplace. Energy-efficient, space-saving, intelligently wired appliances and kitchens will evolve from rarities and concepts into everyday familiarity.

For more about the Petra and Mondrian kitchens, check out Designophy.