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Funky flatware for your table

This stunning stainless steel set will turn any table into a showpiece.

I host meals in my home at least twice a month, and usually more often than that. And because I am competitive by nature, I am constantly trying to, well, show off a little with my table settings, recipes, presentation, and so on. A girl's gotta have a creative outlet, right?

Shiny flatware makes me happy. WMF

Until recently, I didn't own "good" silverware. I have multiple sets from Target (my kitchen is kosher, so I have separate sets for meat and dairy), but nothing fancy.

And then, one day, I decided that I would buy myself silverware that I love. And I set out to find something that would make my table truly special. I found it in Taika cutlery from WMF.

I wanted high-quality stainless steel, so 18/10 was the way to go. WMF calls its' set Cromargan and uses an alloy of 18 percent chrome (for stainlessness), 10 percent nickel (for acid resistance and gloss), and 72 percent steel (for, um, steelness--or strength, I guess).

I wanted something dishwasher safe, and this set is. And I wanted something absolutely stunning. Now, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at the very least, this flatware gets noticed. Even if it's not your taste, you have to admire it.

The elongated pieces add elegance, and the way the knives stand on their blades garners compliments at every meal.

Shop around for the best price--a single, five-piece set can sell for as much as $40, but you can also find service for eight for under $150 if you look a little. My set has been in use for nearly two years now and is still just as beautiful as the day we unwrapped it.