Fun challenge: Find this in OS X

Every now and then some aspect of OS X stands out that can be amusing and fun. Take a look at the following text. It can be found somewhere in the system, so take the challenge and see if you can find it.

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Topher Kessler
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Every now and then we find amusing details in OS X that Apple's programmers have included in the OS. One that we discussed a while ago was the letter to someone named "Kate" from "John Appleseed" that praising the Apple community and Mac users that is in the TextEdit icon, but there are others in other locations of the OS. Take a look at the following text to see if you can locate it somewhere in OS X:

A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 00:28:C0011E36 in VXD VMMM(01) .
00010E36. The current application will be terminated.

• Press any key to terminate the current application.
• Press CTRL-ALT-DEL again to restart your computer. You will
  lose any unsaved information in all applications.

                      Press any key to continue

This text is not buried deep in any aspect of the OS, but may not show on some systems depending on the way the systems are set up and used. For extra points, can you guess what this originally came from (it should be fairly obvious when you find it, if the inclusion of "CTRL-ALT-DELETE" does not already make it apparent)?

There is no prize for those who locate this text, but the challenge is still out there for those who want to give it a try. For the answer, click the Finder icon at the top of this article.


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