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Fujitsu launches 2.2-pound Q series notebook

The lightweight "executive jewelry" notebook uses the same unannounced Intel Core Solo chip found in Gateway's NX100X.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--Fujitsu's new Q series notebook packs a wide-screen display and full-size keyboard into a lightweight package designed for executives.

The 2.2-pound Q2010 was unveiled Tuesday during a media event at Fujitsu North America's headquarters here. The notebook was launched alongside two other models at the event, part of Fujitsu's push to expand its presence in North America.

Fujitsu Q2010 notebook

Fujitsu wants to rack up $10 billion in revenue in North America by the end of the decade, said Farhat Ali, chief operating officer and chief financial officer of Fujitsu Computer Systems. The company will try to reach this goal through a combination of new products and services obtained through acquisitions, he said, without specifying any potential targets.

It also plans to expand its existing product lines, including Primergy blade servers and LifeBook notebooks like the Q2010.

The ultraportable notebook is less than one inch thick and uses Intel's new Core Solo processor. It's designed as an executive companion for world-weary travelers tired of lugging larger notebooks through airport security, said Paul Moore, director of mobile product marketing at Fujitsu.

"If you can get the power in there and add a little bit of style, why wouldn't somebody want it?" Moore said. Ultraportable notebooks have been slower to catch on in North America than in other parts of the world, but PC makers such as Gateway are taking a fresh look at lightweight notebooks with the release of Intel's new Core Solo and Core Duo processors.

The Q2010 is using the same unannounced Intel Ultra Low Voltage Core Solo processor that Gateway's NX100X uses, according to the system properties screen of the Q2010. That chip runs at 1.2GHz. These ultralow-voltage versions of Intel's chips mean PC makers don't have to build a noisy cooling fan into their systems.

A presentation during the briefing put the price of the new notebook at $1,999, but a Fujitsu representative said pricing had not been finalized. The notebook will be available this summer.

Fujitsu also launched the new E8110, E8120 and the S7110 notebooks. All the notebooks feature Intel's Core Duo processors, but the S series models are a little lighter, at 4.5 pounds, compared with the 5.9 pounds of the E series models. The E8110 costs $1,249, while the S7110 costs $1,449. Pricing and availability for the 8210 have yet to be announced.

During the media briefing, the company showed off two research projects that it announced last year. Fujitsu has built a prototype color flexible screen that can display an image without a constant supply of electricity. It has also developed a scanner than can read the unique system of veins in a person's hand as a way of allowing or denying access to a PC or building.