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Frothy milkshakes with a wave (or spin) of a wand

The Waring Milk Shake & Drink Mixer offers a familiar way to make milkshakes at home.

The Waring Milk Shake & Drink Mixer doesn't need magic to make a great milkshake appear.
The Waring Milk Shake & Drink Mixer doesn't need magic to make a great milkshake appear.
Williams Sonoma

There is something magical about going out to eat. Walk into a restaurant, sit down, and pick something to eat from a list that is presented to you. Not long after, your order arrives -- professionally made -- and when finished, the dishes disappear. How all this is able to happen not only involves a well-choreographed dance, but also skill and talent. But it's not all about the main course.

Just as with life in general, it's the little things that matter when going out to eat. Little things like dessert, milkshakes, and sometimes pie. The Waring Milk Shake & Drink Mixer ($169.95) is modeled after the archetypal appliance that has been found behind the counter of restaurants for generations. The diner classic comes in four different colors and boasts die-cast metal construction.

Some might say a meal served is no meal at all unless dessert comes with it. And others might say a milkshake and a slice of pie will be just fine, thank you very much. While that may elicit stares from the entree-ordering crowd, the home kitchen is a different domain. Replacing the magic wand that professional chefs wave, the long slender aerating spindle on the milkshake machine won't make a fine meal, but that doesn't mean the results will be any less magical.