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Frothing at the house

The Capresso Froth Pro Automatic Milk Frother makes it easy to create coffee beverages at home. The standalone frother has the capability to froth or steam milk.

Easy frothing.
Easy frothing. Chef's Catalog

There is no doubt that brewing coffee at home is easier than ever. The flip side of that coin, however, is the seemingly contradictory fact that making the perfect cup at home is more complicated than ever. The paradox can be resolved (preferably while sipping a hot cup of joe) when you consider how many options exist for the home; it can be overwhelming. At some point, decisions get made, and some type of coffeemaker is added to the kitchen arsenal--and then you realize it doesn't make the exact coffee drink that is desired.

For foamy coffee drinks (and more), the Capresso Froth Pro Automatic Milk Frother offers a solution. The clever coffee contraption is a simple-to-operate gadget designed to complete the coffee experience. Capable of either frothing or steaming milk, the coffee accessory is a must-have tool for the fan of lattes or cappuccinos.

The 600-watt appliance can prepare frothed or steamed milk at three distinct temperatures. Whether cold, warm, or hot milk is desired, the small countertop unit can accommodate. Its operation is controlled via frothing discs that are stored in the base of the unit. Just choose a disc, add milk to the fill line, and choose one of the three buttons--it doesn't get much easier than that.