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Free Galaxy Tab 2 tablet offered with Samsung NX cameras

Buy a Samsung NX1000, NX210 or NX20 camera and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Android tablet is yours for free.

Free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch tablet with your new camera? Don't mind if I do. Yes, buy a Samsung NX1000, NX210 or NX20 camera and the Tab 2 Android tablet is yours for the grand sum of no pounds and no pence.

The NX1000 plus gratis tablet costs around £430, while the NX20 and Tab 2 costs around £820.

The Tab 2 is around £200 if you buy it on its own -- which clearly no-one is, otherwise Samsung wouldn't have enough lying round to give away. (Thanks, Nexus 7! Thexus 7.) You get the tablet right there in the shop when you buy the camera -- that is unless you buy it at Currys, PC World, Dixons or John Lewis, in which case you have to fill in an online form.

You can buy camera and tablet together online from Amazon, Jessops, Very, Littlewoods, and Park Cameras.

You can also knock some money off your purchase thanks to a cashback deal on the cameras -- after you've bought your snapper, fill in an online form and get £50 back for the Samsung NX1000 or £100 for either the NX210 and Samsung NX20.

The offer runs until 9 January, so there's plenty of time to bag someone a camera and a tablet in time for Christmas -- or you could just keep one of them as a little present for yourself. We won't tell anyone.

You might not think of Samsung as a leader in the camera world, but the NX system of interchangeable lenses is one of the better lens-swapping systems. The NX20 earned itself the great honour of a prestigious CNET UK Editor's Choice award thanks to its sturdy body, simple i-Function controls and great shots. In fact, the only thing we weren't sure about was the price -- so it looks like Samsung reads these things after all.

Meanwhile, the NX210 comes with Wi-Fi, so will connect to the Tab 2 to send your pictures winging their way to the tablet without having to plug into your computer.

Solid gold bargain or waste of money? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.